How to Use Kia Remote Start

June 29th, 2018 by

If you want to add advanced convenience to your everyday drives, then you’re sure to love the Kia remote start system. Start your car from inside your home, and get out on the streets of Jefferson City with ease! If you’re wondering how to use remote start, our team at Kingdom Kia is happy to help you better understand how it works and the features that it offers. Learn more about how to use remote start with our experts today to better understand how it will make your everyday drives even more convenient.

Looking to upgrade your Kia or staring at that Kia Remote Start key fob and worried you might press it too many times and set off an alarm? (don’t worry, you won’t). Watch the quick video above or read our transcription below so you can get a handle on the Kia Remote Start system. This genuine Kia accessory is available at Kingdom Kia, making the lives of St. James and Springfield Kia drivers even easier.

How to Use Remote Start: Kia Remote Start Video Transcription

Welcome to this Kia Feature Program covering the optional remote start system available on new Kia models. In this video, we’ll cover the basic features, function, and operation of the remote start system featuring this exclusive remote start key fob, which is different from the original equipment – or OE – key fob.*

As you can see, this remote start key fob only has one button, so it’s simply a matter of how many times you press it and for how long. It’s a different process than the original key fob, and it breaks down like this:

  • Press the button one time on the transmitter to lock the vehicle. (Vehicle beeps and locks)
  • Press the button two times to unlock the driver’s door. (One door unlocks)
  • And two more times to unlock all doors. (Vehicle beeps and unlocks)
  • To activate the remote start feature, press and hold the button one time, until the lock icon displays. Then within 3 seconds, press and hold the button for 2 seconds. The key icon will flash and the vehicle will start. (Engine revs to life)
  • To remotely stop the vehicle, press and hold the button again for two seconds.

After unlocking the doors and entering the vehicle you started remotely, you must press the brake pedal and then the “start” button within 3 seconds. You must also have the OE key fob in your possession. For more information, always check your Kia owner’s manual or features and function guide that came with your new Kia. Thanks for watching and learning about remote engine start.

Discover Kia Remote Start at Kingdom Kia

We can install a remote start system on your new Kia — either before you drive it home or after — so you can warm the car up on those mornings when everything feels just a bit too cold. Contact Kingdom Kia today to learn more about your upgrade options or to schedule your remote starter install.

Our team at Kingdom Kia is always here to help you learn everything you need to know, from how to use remote start to gap insurance costs! We’re dedicated to helping you enjoy every trip behind the wheel of your new Kia car, crossover, or SUV.

*This is not the remote start feature offered on some models through Kia UVO smartphone apps. This video applies to the optional remote start system with dedicated remote key fob.