Kingdom Kia Service Center: The Region’s Top Source for Automotive Care

May 23rd, 2016 by

Mechanic working with laptopA reliable name for automotive care is as important as your own health and medical resources. That’s why Rolla, Fort Leonard Worth, and Jefferson City drivers are thrilled that Kingdom Kia Service Center is the number one place for the region’s comprehensive automotive needs! For almost half of a century, we’ve provided a state of the art facility that has moved with the times, and continued to utilize the latest technologies and innovations for whatever is required.

Extensive Diagnostics, Maintenance, and Corrections

Our technicians remain consistently up to date with factory certifications and standards for all Kia makes and models. From routine maintenance such as tire rotation and balance, fluid refills, and battery replacement, to preventative inspections and windshield repairs, to emergency body shop restoration, your vehicle receives top quality, affordable care at every stage.

Lifetime Warranties

With Warranty Forever®, your vehicle’s powertrain is covered from the moment it leaves our showroom, to the last day it is operable. We make sure that all of the requirements and maintenance schedules are met for your Kia, so the warranty remains in effect. It’s another way for us to show how much we value our customers and appreciate their patronage.

Genuine OEM Parts

Whether it’s a necessary component or an accessory to enhance your Kia style, our vast inventory of OEM parts ensures only the best goes into your vehicle. Time can often be hectic, so you can order whatever you need, and schedule a service appointment online, at your convenience.

It’s Personal for Us

In addition to our long-standing reputation, drivers choose our center over a corner shop because of our dedicated and personal attention. We handle every Kia that comes to us as if it was our own, and give it the same high caliber of service that we would want and expect. Unlike some of the other guys, we’re also happy to help you solve common problems, like low oil levels or leaking transmission fluid, at home! Our customer base spans years and generations, because you’re not just another number to get to before shift ends, you’re family.

Set up Your Vehicle’s Care at Kingdom Kia Service Center

Come in and meet us at Kingdom Kia Service Center, and see why vehicles retain their prime condition when under our care. We’re here at 2600 North Bishop Ave., Rolla, MO Monday through Saturday, and look forward to meeting you!

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